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    Mosquitoes around the home can be reduced significantly by minimizing the amount of standing water available for mosquito breeding. Residents are urged to reduce standing water around the home in a variety of ways.


    The best way is to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.This can be accomplished using personal protecting  while outdoors when mosquitoes are present. Treated bed nets should be used sleeping. Mosquito repellent should be used when outdoor.


    Nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of getting malaria. Pregnant women are particularly at risk of malaria. Children under 5 years are at high risk of malaria.


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Anti-malaria  ambassador,  Sarah Obama, has added her voice to the global appeal  to African  governments,  donor agencies  and  stake-holders in the anti-malaria campaign to have their forces well-combined in the fight against malaria.

Mama Sarah or Mama Obama, grandmother of US President Barack Obama, was speaking at her Nyangoma  Kogelo  rural  home  in Siaya, Kenya, when a delegation from Homa in Suba County paid her a visit. “African governments have been fighting the disease as single entities thereby  not  having  much  impact. Therefore there  is a  lesson  for the authorities  to  have  effective  joint efforts in  fighting the disease especially in Africa which is much affected”, she said.

“This war on malaria needs everyone to have increased participation  because many lives are lost daily, which calls for urgent and enhanced joint efforts by those in leadership in every capacity. There are millions of people who are vulnerable not only in Kenya but the entire African continent and this calls for  joint  rethinking  on  malaria  in Africa,” she said.

Mama Sarah observed that malaria has continued to cause a heavy loss because it was neglected  by  African leaders who played down the dangerous nature of the disease.

The old lady has been involved in the fight  against  malaria  through  the grandmothers' network against malaria. She told the delegation that many people  are suffering from the disease in rural areas which lack health facilities and drugs.

She chargd the media to keep highlighting  the  problem  to  make policy makers and donor agencies to see the urgent need for a renewed war on malaria.

She urged African leaders, in particular, to give priority to the disease which has continued to kill millions of people especially  in  the  continent where children and expectant mothers remain the most vulnerable victims.

Mama Obama said with poor health infrastructure  in  most  parts of  the continent, Africa will  continue to be affected  by  this  disease  unless  its leaders take urgent and drastic measures to contain it.

The St. Joseph Community  Development Group from Suba called for more help from the Kenyan government and donor  agencies  to  focus  on  Suba region, heavily infested with mosqui- toes, and had been neglected since the country's independence 50 years ago.

The visiting  delegation  from  Suba comprised Silas Ongina (Chairman), Lillian Akoth (Treasurer), and Valentine  Odhuno  Odienge  (Secretary). They  also urged Mama Obama to draw development partners to the region.

The St. Joseph Community  Group's chairman  Silas  Ongina  noted  that their region is overwhelmed by socio-economic problems owing to the very poor  infrastructure in the area, a situation  he said called  for  support from government and  development agencies.

“We should be helped to fight malaria, access clean water and boost girl-child education as our  region of Suba has continued  to  suffer greatly in these areas among others,” said  Mr. Odienge.

The visiting team urged the ambassador to extend her humanitarian projects  to other  parts  of  Nyanza region through  her  Mama Sarah Obama Foundation.

The Suba group called for assistance from  donors  and  well-wishers  to support orphans,  widows and other vulnerable people in the society.

Mr. Odienge asked the philanthropist to channel some of her development initiatives to various  corners of  the region to improve the living standards of the population.

Mr. Ongina regretted that many lives in Suba and other parts of  Africa are lost due to manageable  diseases like malaria. He added that a high number of orphans and vulnerable children can get  assistance through  Mama  Sarah Obama foundation as a result of  her proximity to donors.

Mama Sarah hoped President Barack Obama will visit Kenya, his fatherland, before his term of office expires in 2016. She said the US President Obama first came to Kenya in 2006 when he was campaigning for the Senate and after his election.

She called on Nyanza leaders to work with  the  government  to  enhance development saying it was time people focused on activities to develop residents  by  enhancing  peace and cohesion.

“A peaceful atmosphere is necessary for donor agencies and investors that may wish to invest in the region,” she said.

“This  is  why we  thank  First  Lady Margaret Kenyatta for the visit here as it was a good  gesture  for  national cohesion and service to Kenyans.”

Mrs Kenyatta visited Kogelo in August 2013 when she flagged off a marathon race  to  raise  funds  to  support  the education of 2,000 orphans and children affected by Malaria and HIV.

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